Brazil Rio Minas Coffee

Rio Minas is an Arabica coffee quality of unique flavor. It is present at the culture of several countries, particularly in Turkey, Argentina, Western Europe, and the Middle East. In the Middle East, this variety is widely used to make Lebanese Coffee, or Turkish Coffee or Arabic Coffee, resulting in a unique beverage that attracts coffee lovers from all over the world.

The flavor of Rio Minas is stronger and more intense. For this reason, in addition to being part of several cultures around the world, it is also used in blends, which makes it a versatile quality in the coffee universe.

How Rio Minas is Cultivated in Brazil

This unique flavor is due to the humidity during cultivation and in the post-harvest process of the coffee. In regions where the air humidity is high - that is, near lakes, dams, and where rainfall is higher - the chances of growing a Rio type coffee are better. It can happen in post-harvest process as well: if there is significant rainfall during the period in which the grain is drying over the patios, it can also acquire the characteristic Rio Minas flavor. 

How Rio Minas is Consumed

Rio Minas and Turkish Coffee

Rio Minas is certainly the right quality to produce a good, traditional Turkish Coffee! The result is a nice drink, more bitter and certainly very remarkable for everyone who tastes it.

Rio Minas in other blends

Rio Minas is certainly a must-try blend. It can add more intensity in the cup and it’s ideal to consumers who like their coffee in a strong taste.

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Other Profiles

Fine Cup

Fine Cup coffee drink presents very appreciated characteristics, such as clean drink, medium acidity, medium body and slightly soft aftertaste.
Good Cup

Good Cup coffee drink is one free from defects among cups, with low body and acidity characteristics, and slightly bitter aftertaste.

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